Andrew Baird | About
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Andrew graduated from The National Film School in Ireland with a Bachelor of Design with honors while also winning two National Design Awards for his work. Andrew has shot all over the world


– US / Europe / Eastern Europe / Middle East. Select cities include : LA / NYC / New Oreleans / Miami / Dublin / London / San Francisco / Budapest / Bucharest / Beirut / Istanbul / Cairo


Andrew works regularly in New York, Miami and London. Always looking for the right opportunity to return to Ireland and shoot select jobs. Based in Venice Beach with his family, British fashion designer, Victoria Webb and his two children, Sienna and Henry.


His family are the light of his life. An avid adventurer, traveller and explorer, Andrew is inspired by exotic locations and where many will be overwhelmed, Andrew thrives on new places and crazy adventures in the screen trade!


He is well known for his signature surreal and fantastical cinematic style which is always carried out with impeccable craft and budget focus. Andrew excels in taking on highly ambitious design jobs which require incredible design discipline and strategic planning.


He holds dual US / European Passports. Member of I.A.T.S.E. Local #800 ART DIRECTORS GUILD